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Why spend valuable time and resources searching for information when there's one proven source that provides faster, more accurate, comprehensive pre-employment background data? Datafacts' pre-employment background checks are expedient and thorough.

    • Ensure that job candidates truly have the ability, experience and credentials they claim.

    • Protect assets and better control loss.

    • Avoid workplace accidents, negligent hiring lawsuits, and rising insurance premiums.

    • Control absenteeism and contain training and healthcare costs.

    • Enhance your employees' sense of security and peace of mind.

    • Lower employee turnover.



Datafacts knows where to find the information you need to make sound hiring decisions:


    • Verify an applicant's identity, employment history, educational, industry and professional credentials.

    • Determine nationwide if an applicant has a Criminal Record and a history of Civil Litigation in local, state, and federal records.

    • Check DMV records for drug or alcohol abuse history as well as level of responsibility behind the wheel.

    • Investigate the applicant's reputation and level of responsibility.

    • Assess the applicant's character and trustworthiness, and provide Credit Bureau Reports if warranted.


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where do you go
for fast, accurate pre-employment background data? DataFacts, Inc. is your pre-employment screening solution. We know where to find the information you need to make sound hiring decisions.

what is negligent hiring?
It's a legal concept holding an employer liable for the actions of an employee. If it can be proven in a court of law that an employer has not thoroughly checked an employee's background at the time of hiring, the employer can be held financially responsible for the employee's criminal or negligent acts. Most liability insurance carriers do not cover criminal actions committed by an employee.

With background checks conducted by experienced licensed background investigation agencies, your Human Resources specialists can make more informed hiring decisions for your company's benefit.



In addition to nationwide background checks,
we provide

    public and private record searches

    corporate business intelligence services

    private investigation


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